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Frank... It was great running into you last week. I wanted to send a note thanking you for the quick diagnostic and repair regarding the windshield washer system: top notch, as always.

I also wanted to let you know that I have had several positive interactions with a new member of your customer service team (Matthew Troy). He was extremely helpful and pleasant, asked very good technical diagnostic questions while on the phone, and was detailed on how Volvo would approach repairing the issue. One of the better customer experiences I had at Volvo, or anywhere else for that matter.


Stefan P., September 2016



We are US residents in Canada - we own 2 Volvos. We had concerns about our Volvo XC 60 transmission driving to Canada. Walking we came across the Volvo of Toronto Dealership.
We were greeted by Michael Thackorie - Sales Manager. He and the dealership Service Manager were very helpful to us even offering to have us bring in our car before returning home.
They also made suggestions as to things we might want to discuss about software and part upgrades when we return home. In addition Michael spent time with us showing us the new Volvo models.


We wanted to take this time to express to Volvo management our appreciation for the treatment at the Volvo of Toronto dealership and for Michael Thackorie and his Service Manager. Please recognize this organization for it's excellence and particular the individuals with whom we spoke.


Ralph P., August 2016



I am thrilled and ecstatic with the service. I got my old car back and it functions beautifully. I want Francis Wong to know that he did a great job. Thank you! Thank you!


Singer, June 2016



Fabian, DAVID TAN is a great credit to your company.

He did an outstanding job of handling me and up dating my Volvo X60.

You have a fine person in David.



Joyce M, June 2016



I generally never do reviews - I stopped by Volvo Toronto on the suggestion of a friend who has owned a Volvo for many years.

I ran into a young man and with the most pleasant and warm tone he welcomed me to his dealership.

immediately I felt comfortable having been to many dealerships prior (it is not easy shopping for a car as a single woman).

he showed me a few options that were tailored to my budget and needs. I was so happy with the experience that I will be purchasing my next vehicle from Toronto Volvo.


Fiona W., May 2016



What a wonderful bunch of guys car was fixed right Paolo was wonderful to deal with.


Sham S., May 2016



Dear Mr. Wills,


I want to compliment one of your excellent employees, Orville Jones... it was how Orville listened to what I was looking for and took the time to search for and find a vehicle that wasn't even on the lot yet. He made me feel as if his priority was helping me find what I was looking for, not selling a car. When I picked it up, Orville had all the time in the world to go over every detail inside and out, to get me acquainted with all the functions and features... Such incredible service creates long-term, loyal Volvo customers who spread the word!


Michael H., May 2016



Keep up the great work guys! Great team! Great service!


Katie I., January 2016



Just showed up to have book an appointment for my 2004 Volvo to get my snow tires removed and the summers back on (315K on it). They were able to get the car in immediately and began the work while I waited. I asked them to check my brakes as they felt a little funny. The courteous service manager Frank brought me in to show me the brakes. You wouldn't have to be a mechanic to see that the rear brakes had ZERO left on them. All my rotors were worn and glazed. Front pads were still OK but getting quite low. NO SALES PRESSURE involved at all. I was so impressed with this kind of service and honesty, actually marching me in to see for myself..... that I had a complete brake job done on the spot. Courtesy car drove me to work and picked me up after work when the job was done. Learned that they are having a Brand New Dealership build where their old place was. The present temporary dealership is pretty easy to get to now and close to where they will be moving. I've been to all the other Volvo Dealerships in Toronto over the years, they are OK but no where near as professional, honest and courteous. I've been going to VOT for years now and wouldn't take the car anywhere else. They found an issue with the front end of my car that eluded several other Volvo dealerships for the first four years of ownership. It is only because of VOT that my car is still running like it did the day I drove it off the lot. I'd buy a new Volvo but why ? These guys are "Volvo for Life" !! Check this place out if you own a Volvo. As an automobile owner I find that a good rule of thumb is "to treat your mechanic as you'd like to be treated". I'd bet an oil change on this....the people writing bad reviews about VOT are the same guys that slam hotels on Trip Advisor for the front desk giving them an early morning wake up call that they themselves had asked for !!! Never happy........


Alex C., April 2016



...I always have the impression that the service department make a great effort.


Ulrich G., November 2015



Totally rockin' service staff, shout-out to Frances, Candice and Paolo, love seeing their smiling faces when I check in for car service. Arty, who sold me my car, is amazing. My Volvo is an amazing ride, the mechanics keep it in tip-top shape. Super grateful to the whole VofT team, couldn't be more pleased.

Frida N., October 2015



No one likes spending money on car repair, especially at dealer labour rates. Francis, Paolo and Frank are clear about the price and relative urgency of required service upfront and give you the information necessary to make an informed decision. They always give me the clear impression that my business is valued. They understand that service is not something only performed by mechanics in the garage.


Shannon H., July 2015



Excellent! I brought my S60 in for service and the service manager Lee Potter was fantastic! While my car was being serviced, I had the opportunity to interact with the sales staff as well and they were very helpful and knowledgable. I will definitely be purchasing my next Volvo at Volvo of Toronto! Great experience overall and would recommend them to anyone looking for a Volvo.




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