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Welcome to Volvo of Toronto Parts Specials


At Volvo of Toronto we have a great team of experienced Volvo Certified Parts Consultants that are here to assist you. Your Volvo is your pride and joy and it is our job to make certain that it is properly taken care of.


We use only original equipment Volvo parts to preserve the integrity of your world class Volvo. When you need parts, go to the team that knows! We are focused on your vehicles performance and safety and we have the experience to back that up.


Volvo Part Specials from Volvo of Toronto | GTA Volvo Part Supplier

Driving a classic Volvo?


Volvo of Toronto would like to show you some appreciation by offering you a discount on brake parts! If your car is over 10 years old, come in for a $49.95 brake inspection and enjoy a 20% discount on brake parts!


Contact Volvo of Toronto for more details at 1-(877)-375-0678.



We have carefully selected some accessories for the upcoming summer travelling season, please browse through our selection and take your picks.


Only Volvo Original Accessories have been created with your precise car in mind and are right first time, enduring quick and easy application in the car, coupled with an one year warranty on parts and labor.



2016 XC90

  Volvo of Toronto XC90

Sensus Navigation


Volvo`s Sensus Navigation is a navigation system that is completely integrated in the car. Connect to the internet with a separate SIM card via Volvo On Call, or via Bluetooth or WiFi from your mobile telephone. Internet connection gives you a greater navigation experience.


                                                          Volvo of Toronto XC90 Sensus Navigation

21" 10-Spoke Turbine Polished Alloy Wheel


This unique high gloss accessory wheel has been especially introduced for Exterior Styling 1-2 ("Urban Luxury"). The wheel exudes exclusivity thanks largely to the long, slightly twisted spokes that give an impression of a turbine.



 Volvo of Toronto XC90 21inch wheel


Dog gate


The dog gate is a very practical accessory for dog owners. It ensures that the dog is safe and secure during the car journey. It also prevents the dog from jumping out of the car when the boot lid is open.


One or two dog compartments can be created in combination with the protective grille and load compartment divider with a gate mounted on the left or right hand side or on both sides. The gate is very easy to open, shut and remove from the car.



 Volvo of Toronto XC 90 Dog Gate





2015 XC70

Volvo of Toronto XC70


Aluminium rim "Freja" 8 x 18"


Aluminum rims lower the unsprung weight of the suspension system compared to steel wheels of corresponding size.


This makes it easy for the suspension and shock absorbers to ensure that there is good contact between the wheels and the road surface. This makes for better road holding and greater driving pleasure.



                                                                  Volvo of Toronto XC 70 Aluminum Rim


Sill molding, illuminated


Two footboard moldings for the front doors in brushed, stainless steel with lighting, giving the sill area a sporty and elegant feel via the blue glow.


When the door is opened the footboard molding with the illuminated Volvo logotype lights together with the interior lighting. The area around the sill is emphasized giving an elegant and sophisticated look. The kits are supplied in pairs and replace the existing front footboard moldings.



 Volvo of Toronto XC 70 Sill Molding

Adaptive Digital Display


With high resolution digital instrumentation, you can adapt your car's instrumentation layout and interface according to your preferences. The 8" active TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) gives the interaction between car and driver a new dimension.


The instrumentation layout can be switched between three different themes; Elegance, Eco and Performance.



Volvo of Toronto XC 70 Adaptive Digital Display





2015 XC60

Volvo of Toronto XC60


Polestar Performance Software


The car will be even more responsive and fun to drive while providing greater certainty in situations where extra performance is needed, for example when passing or merging onto traffic.


Through our long cooperation with Polestar we can now offer efficient engine tuning that optimizes the torque and horsepower output of your Volvo within the normal range of the engine. The increased engine performance kicks in when it is needed most; when passing, going up long hills, which gives an increase in safety as better acceleration, reduces the time it takes to make a maneuver.



                                                                           Volvo of Toronto XC 60 Polestar Performance


Mat, load compartment, molded plastic

An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the load compartment and is colour-coded to match the rest of the interior.


To prevent the load from sliding around during transportation, the mat is coated with a layer of friction increasing material.  The mat also has raised edges that effectively prevent dirt and water from leaking out into the load compartment.



 Volvo of Toronto XC 60 Mat Load Compartment

Aluminium rim "Titania II" 8 x 20"


Weighing only 12.6 kg per wheel. Diamond cut/Glossy Black, (incl. hub cap). Prepared for TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).


 Volvo of Toronto XC 60 Aluminum Rim 20 inch




2015 S60

Volvo of Toronto S60

Mirrors, door, autodimming with ground lighting


An electrically foldable door mirror, with autodimming, which makes narrow gaps easier and reduces intrusive light reflection from cars behind.  Autodimming is connected to the dimming in the interior rear view mirror and they have a common sensor located on the interior rear view mirror.


A door mirror with ground lighting that lights the ground below the front doors so that puddles and other objects appear sooner. The door mirror also makes it easier to detect whether an unauthorized individual is around your car.



                                                              Volvo of Toronto S60 Autodimming Mirrors


Bicycle holder, frame mounted, aluminium


A bicycle holder for anyone who appreciates a combination of elegant design and simple handling. Made of aluminum and structured around a solid rail and robust rod.


The bicycle holder is equipped with self-adjusting quick release clasp and frame holder with lock knob. All locking and unlocking is performed at comfortable car roof height. Bicycles are fastened securely thanks to the rubberized tensioner arm.



 Volvo of Toronto S60 Bike Rack

Exterior Styling Kit

To make your car even more personal, Volvo has developed a styling kit that enhances the visual look of the car. This styling kit makes your car even more dynamic and exclusive.


Exterior Styling Kit contains the following products:


1. Decor spoiler, front bumper

2. Side scuff plate

3. Diffuser 

 Volvo of Toronto S60 Exterior Trim Pack



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